~ Commissions ~


Bust (25% of the character)

NO SKETCHED BUSTS | Flat Color $25 | Rendered $30


Half Body (60% of the character)

Sketched $20 | Flat Color $40 | Rendered $50


Full Body (80% or more of the character)

Sketched $25 | Flat Color $55 | Rendered $65



I don’t offer much by way of backgrounds right now, but I can do simple things.  (Forests & mountains, simple furniture, skies, etc.) Feel free to put it in your application and we can talk about it!



Speedpaints are $5. You may pick your own music as long as it comes from the NCS collection (for copyright reasons.) I don’t do speedpaints for headshots or sketched commissions. 

How to contact me

The only way to contact me for a commission and secure a slot is through this form! Once that’s completed, I’ll contact you and we can work out a price. Commissions work on a first-come, first-served basis. Please don’t send payment until your commission is confirmed!!


You must read the rules below if you want to commission me! (By commissioning me, you are agreeing to my Terms of Service, although you don’t need to review them unless you want to.)

If you don’t read and adhere to my rules and suffer as a consequence, I am not responsible. 

  • I have the right to refuse any commission request for any reason, and I don’t have to explain why.
    • If I  refuse your commission for personal reasons, please do not hassle me. 
  • If you don’t have a reference for your character/s you need to be able to provide a detailed description. If you are unable to provide complete details, even after I’ve given you multiple chances, and I get a design wrong, I am not responsible. 
  • You  must pay fully before I begin working.
    • When you send the money, please include the name I know you by and what you’re paying for in a note to help me keep everything straight. 
    • My currency is USD; if you are converting funds it is your job to do so and to make sure you have enough to cover the commission.
  • Once I’ve started work, you will not get a refund.
    • If you accidentally send too much money, don’t worry, I’ll refund you the extra. (Let me know, though, in case I miss it.)
  • I usually take a week or so to complete the commission. If I have delays or think it will take longer (for example, a more detailed/large commission) I’ll let you know. I send WIPs as I work, to make sure you’re happy with it. 
  • I will charge more for more complex designs. (Armor or complex clothing, wings, feathers, etc.)
  • I reserve the right to post your commission on my sites unless you specifically ask me not to. 
  • Feel free to contact me and ask questions, of course!

Will Draw


OCs or fanart


Light blood


Won’t Draw

NSFW, kink, fetish, pedophilic, incest, or any hate work. (Absolutely not, don’t even ask.)

Political/controversial art of any kind

Explicit language

Lots of blood/gore/horror designs

Romance (of any kind)

Cities/overly mechanical designs