Terms of Service

By entering any kind of transaction with me, you are agreeing to the terms of service below.

If you break any of the terms of service listed you may be blacklisted from commissioning me.

The commissioner or purchaser (meaning the one agreeing with the Terms of Service) will be referred to as the client.

If you fail to follow the guidelines provided I (the artist) have the right to decline your commission or purchase.


I. Payment and Refunds

    • All commissions must all be paid in full upfront. 

    • The currency accepted is USD and is processed through PayPal. If the client is converting currency it is up to the client to do so and to make sure they have enough. 

    • The commission can be canceled anytime prior to payment being fulfilled.

      • Once the commission has begun, the client cannot be refunded. 

      • If the client successfully requests a refund before I begin work, I will refund you as swiftly as possible.

    • Each commission is quoted differently depending on the variables. Once we have decided on a price, there is to be no haggling. 

    • False or unwarranted chargebacks will permanently ban you, the client, from future purchases. Examples of these chargebacks are as follows:

      • The work has been completed or fulfilled yet a chargeback is ensued.

      • The work is in progress.

      • The work was cancelled and a refund is already in progress.

      • There has been no updates to the work in an extended period of time (see section II)

II. In Progress Purchases

    • Work in progress updates are for the client’s viewing only, the client may not post these WIPs anywhere unless given permission. 

    • During the drawing process, the client is welcome to request a WIP at any time. 

    • Depending on my workload and personal life, the client’s commission will take anywhere from one to two weeks, usually. If I expect it to take longer, I will notify the client. 

    • The client may request minor changes throughout the WIPs for the work with exceptions listed as the following:

      • Requests to change the appearance or pose of the character(s) cannot be made once the lineart has been completed. 

      • Requests to change shading are not applicable.

      • If the background is completed (beyond sketch phase) the client may not request further changes to it.

      • If the client fails to correct a character error in the sketch phases or when asked, the artist is not accountable.

      • The client cannot request any changes once the work has been completed.

III. Customer Accountability

    • The client is responsible for providing clear references and descriptions.If you fail to provide enough description, I am not accountable.

    • If anything is left up to the artist, such as choosing a pose or background, the artist is not required to change those aspects.

    • If the customer is not satisfied with a work when it is completed but did not make changes when given the opportunity the artist is not accountable.

IV. Copyright and Usage Policy

I, the artist, hold every right to the produced drawing.

Therefore I, the artist, am allowed to use the copyrighted artwork to:

    • Promote myself within any place or site.

    • Publish books or documents using the drawing in any format. (In a tutorial or example framework, for example.)

    • To display it anywhere to my liking.

    • Post it wherever I want.

    • Claim full ownership of the drawing.

(Please note that I will not claim ownership of your characters, of course.)


The client is allowed to;

  • Use the commissioned artwork for personal use, examples of this personal use are as follows:

    • Using the work as an avatar/icon on a variety of websites and platforms with credit.

    • Use the work as examples or character reference when commissioning another artist.

    • Use of the work as a digital wallpaper or lock screen on a personal device.

    • The client can claim ownership of the character(s) in the work but not of the drawing itself.

    • The client can print the work for non-commercial use (i.e. printing to hang up in a room or share with friends). 

      • The work cannot be used for profit, such as on a business card or printed onto merch. I, the artist, do not take commercial commissions.

    • Using the work on a character’s Toyhouse profile, with proper credit.

      • Examples of proper credit are: Leaving a direct link to one of my sites within the description or title of the post.

    • The client is not allowed to post my work on any social media sites. You are welcome to add links leading to where I posted it but you absolutely may not post it yourself. 

If you break the copyright infringement in any way, every right you had to the drawing will be retracted.

The following is considered copyright infringement:

  • Reproducing/using the copyrighted artwork commercially.

  • Posting it anywhere besides Toyhouse, even with proper credit. 

  • Taking credit for the creation of the work.

  • Removing any watermarks/signatures already applied without permission. 

  • Altering the artwork significantly without the artist’s consent to claim it was an original product of the client’s.

Commercial works are currently unavailable and have always been unavailable, meaning if any commission made prior to the latest update of the Terms of Service is being used for profit in any form it is infringing upon this Terms of Service and will be reported. 

This document was last updated on May 1, 2023.